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Hot Dijon Mustard, 5.3oz (150gm) Pure Tomato Concentrate, 5.3oz (150gm) Oat S'Creamer Condensed Oat Milk, 5.3oz (150gm)
Based on the original hot dijon as loved by Louis XI of France who kept a pot with him at all times. With Biodynamic mustard seeds this iteration is a sustainable health bomb. It's the best, so go ahead and squeeze it like a king. 100% organic Italian sunshine in a tube, the ultimate pure concentrate for all your tomato based recipes. This paste is as clean as it gets and brims with all that famous tomato goodness. This naturally sweet condensed oat milk is a rich, creamy delight. The ultimate companion for your hot morning beverage. Hello vegan Spanish latte. The oat is the new champion in the exploding alternative dairy movement, this pioneering condensed version is full of healthy fats, proteins and a dash of maca to round it out.
Bionnaise Vegan Mayo, 5.3oz (150gm) Alien Bionnaise Vegan Mayo Supergreens, 5.3oz (150gm) UFO Impossibly Awesome Sauce, 5.3oz (150gm)
This vegan oat mayo is hands down the best tasting mayo on the planet - never before so healthy. Abounding with proteins and superfoods, you'll be spreading this in places you never thought of! This bright green vegan oat mayo is insanely delicious on the vegan burger, mixed into a salad dressing and lavished into a modern sandwich. Supergreens like kale, spirulina and moringa have been added to the mix to create this out of this world innovation. This 'impossibly awesome secret sauce' will knock your socks off from impossible to beyond. Made with a combination of Hlthpunk's ultra healthy Bionnaise, Mustard, and Tomato - along with a dash of cayenne - this is chock full of goodies.
Smoked Harissa Deep Spice, 5.3oz (150gm) Cocoa Grenade Explosion, 5.3oz (150gm)
A hot, smokey harissa - brimming with superfoods acerola, cayenne, cumin, oregano, turmeric and more, every ingredient is good for you. Full-on rich oat based chocolate wonderment. Squeeze it on your toast, pancakes, ice cream or be a devil and just squirt it in your mug! Throw out those old high sugar chocolate spreads, this new main squeeze has nothing but good healthy ingredients to power you through your day.