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"Beginning his career in Monte Carlo at age 17 as an apprentice for a five-star kitchen, Pascal passionately refined his craft over the next 15 years with the guidance of his father’s longtime friend turned mentor, Cesar Merline (Chef and Maître Charcuterie). Cultivating his expertise in the specialized branch of Charcuterie in the culinary lands of the South of France, Monte Carlo, Corsica and Paris, Pascal worked alongside gourmet giants like Bernard Broust and Mr. Langlois (Silver Medal M.A.F and M.O.F. Chefs in Charcuterie, at the Gaston Lenore School).

During the second half of his career, Pascal held the Executive Chef honor at six different five-star hotels in France and California, two of which have been ranked Top 10 hotels in the world. At age 30, Pascal made the journey to California to continue growing his culinary career. Fast-forward to today, and you can find Angel’s products in many high-end restaurants, retail shops, and distributed across the United States by gourmet food companies."

Because these meats must be refrigerated to keep from spoiling, orders for these items will ship out with ice packs in the package and will ship out as 2 day express.

All meats used for our salumi are certified antibiotic-free, steroid-free, and free of growth hormones. Our game meats are guaranteed to be free range, cage free, or wild. For us to create high-grade products, we start with the finest quality ingredients directly from the source.
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