Easy Autumn Dinner Pork Chops with Roasted Paprika and Basil Sea Salt Rub, Applesauce and Autumn Veggies

Ingredients (Serves 4):
4 Pork Chops
Henry Langdon Smoked Paprika and Basil Sea Salt Rub
1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tablespoons of
Gradassi Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ariosto Seasonings for Potatoes
Mussini Dark Balsamic Glaze
Fingerling Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables such as Cauliflower, Carrots and Broccoli
4 Apples for Sauce


Prepare apples for sauce. Peel and core, cut in quarters and simmer with a minimal amount of water until soft. Mash and add sugar to taste.

Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Scrub potatoes and cut in half lengthwise. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil with garlic in oven proof pan. Roll potatoes in oil to coat and season with Ariosto potato spice. Roast about 15 minutes.

Rub pork chops with Henry Langdon Sea Salt with smoked paprika and basil. Heat 1 tablespoon of Gradassi extra virgin olive oil in a skillet. Sear pork chops over high heat, turning once. Then lower heat to medium and cook for approximately 15 minutes, depending on thickness of chops.