Potatoes "Arrecanate"
Ingredients for 2-3 people

2-3 medium potatoes

4-5 tomatoes

1 shallot

4 tablespoons of Lo Sgocciolato extra virgin olive oil


"arecheta "(oregano)

Ariosto Seasoning for Tomato Sauce

a few basil leaves (optional)


1) Boil the potatoes halfway through (I boiled them for 1/2 hour, they were 2 large potatoes)

2) Meanwhile, in a saucepan, saute the shallots (or onion) cut into small pieces, for 1-2 minutes in the oil.

3) Then move the pan away from the heat, add the tomatoes, you have previously cut into wedges and cook the sauce halfway through.

3) Add the potatoes peeled and cut into squares not too small, to the sauce, add salt, a pinch of oregano and cook over a high heat.

4) Do not stir too often otherwise the potatoes will break, but shake the pan occasionally.

5) Then add another pinch of oregano and Ariosto Seasoning for Tomato Sauce. Stir and serve hot