Tomatoes w/ Rice
By In Cucina con Lety

Ingredients (For 3 people):
6 Tomatoes
18 Table spoons of rice
1 Small clove of garlic basil
flat parsley
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

Ariosto seasoning for potatoes
Ariosto seasoning for tomato based pasta sauce


1) Cut the top of the tomatoes, empty them and set aside the pulp.

2) Salt the tomatoesʼ inside and turn them upside down to drain the water. Mix the pulp, the garlic, the basil and add Ariosto seasoning for tomato sauce.

3) In a bowl add to the sauce the uncooked rice, cover and let it rest in the fridge. Then oil the empty tomatoes and fill them with the rice.

4) Cover them with their own top, add the seasoned potatoes (Ariosto), sprinkle some olive oil and bake in an oven dish at 250ᄚC (480 ᄚF) until the tomatoes will look a bit dried up and the water is completely absorbed.