Gnocchi with Hearty Meat Sauce


7 oz (200 g) potato gnocchi (dumpling pasta)
3.5 oz (100 g) of mixed ground pork and/or beef
4 slices of raw prosciutto ham
2.6 oz (about 75 g) tomato sauce/puree
1/2 a glass of red wine -
Ariosto Stewed Meat Seasoning
1 shallot - oil and salt, to taste


Put the chopped shallots and a bit of oil in a pan, and let it cook.

After that, add the minced meat, cooking it well on slow heat. Now add a pinch of salt (not too much because the ham is already quite salty), and Ariosto's seasoning for sauces , to taste.

Once the meat has cooked, stir in the red wine, and finish by adding a little color with the tomato puree.

Meanwhile, put enough water in a pot to cook the gnocchi, with a pinch of salt. Finish cooking your sauce by adding the raw chopped ham, making a nice mixture. When your water comes to a full rolling boil, immerse the gnocchi, and get a large, ceramic serving bowl ready to bring the gnocchi to the table. Wait until the gnocchi float to the surface of the water - that's how you know they are cooked and ready.

Then drain them from the water, putting them in your serving bowl, and toss with your meat sauce.

A simple idea, but one that will deliciously amaze you.