Italian Style Chicken

3 lbs of chicken cut into pieces
1 lbs of potatoes
cup dry white wine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ariosto Italian Roasted and Grilled Meats Seasoning
3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary
3-4 sprigs fresh marjoram
a few fresh sage leaves
time: 2 hours

Wash and peel the potatoes,
then cut in equal sized wedges.
Place in a bowl of water and rinse a few
times. Put plenty of oil in a stove top
pan that can also be used on the burner.
Heat the oil and add the pieces of
chicken, browning them on both sides
over high heat. Add the wine, being
careful as the oil can splatter, and
continue cooking until it is completely
Add the potatoes, salt, pepper and
fresh herbs. Bake in a pre-heated
oven at 400 F for at least 1 hour (the
chicken must be browned well).