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Carica and wild baby pears from Chile are two truly unique fruit products from Chile. They are offered in 16.9 ounce attractive fruit jars. Carica is also offered in a food 35 ounce food service size in convenient doy packs. These products are imported by M5 Corporation, a specialty importer of top quality gourmet foods.

Carica offers the gourmet lover a new and unique experience in Chilean exports. It is an exquisite and unique gourmet fruit that only grows in the semi-arid valleys in the North of Chile. This hand selected boutique fruit has an attractive bright yellow color and tastes like a combination of mango,pineapple, apricot, pear and peach, but with an extraordinary slightly crunchy texture. Carica is an extremely versatile fruit that enhances any dish from a simple appetizer, a green salad, cold or hot dishes, desserts and even exotic drinks. Carica can be grilled and its aroma and taste are intensified, making a great combination with grilled shrimp or scallops.

Chilean wild baby pears are not commercially grown but wild harvested throughout Chile. They have an intense Bartlett pear like flavor but are only about 2 inches high. They are delicious when served with a cheese course, sliced, or drained, patted dry and covered with chocolate. Also as an attractive addition to any cocktail.

Chilean Carica and Baby Pears are a hot item in America right now. There are some who may not heard of them yet, but luckily we got you covered . Click the Blogger icon on the left to start reading our post titled "Nature's Candy"!
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