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Henry Langdon continues to use their expertise in international food sourcing to bring to those outside of Australia the line of Aromatic Spice Blends. All of the blends can be used as a spice rub, combined with a little oil to create a marinade or incorporated into dishes like casseroles, cous cous or risotto. Great as a gourmet gift basket!

Don't know anything about Australian gourmet food? We've got you covered! The Gourmet Gab has a blog post detailing all the products we carry from our partner, Henry Langdon. Jump straight to the post by clicking on the Blogger icon to the left.
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Australian Henry Langdon Tunisian Tabil Aromatic Spice Blend SALE Henry Langdon Chermoula Aormatic Spice Blend
Henry Langdon's Tunisian style blend of herbs and spices is a fresh vibrant mix of traditional flavours. It will tingle your taste buds at every level - sweet, sour, hot, salty and bitter because the spices and herbs included cover the taste spectrum. Ingredients include garlic, chilli, salt, sugar and a blend of herbs that will start you on a journey through the rich cuisine that developed in far Northern Africa. Open a jar and let the aromatics tantalise your culinary imagination. Add some to your next tangine and discover the tastes Tunisians have been savouring for centuries. For a simple introduction to the flavours of Tunisia, try spreading some fresh toast with avocado, then sprinkle with Tunisian Tabil.
Chermoula originated in the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria There are many and varied recipes depending on the where it originated, but most begin with a base blend of garlic and coriander.  The herbs and spices added to that base depend on its origins. Henry Langdon(founded in Australia in 1852) has added over ten more herbs and spices, including cumin, turmeric and tarragon, to create this version of a classic. It makes a  great spice rub for meat prior to baking or cooking on the  BBQ. Combine with a little olive oil and lemon juice for an exciting marinade for any seafood or add a little more olive oil to create one of the best dipping sauces possible.